Scott County Highway Department

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Planning Projects

These projects are not yet open for bid and are subject to change
Project ID Project No. Description Construction Location Anticipated Bid Date
PWCP0817 (subject to change) CP 08-17 (subject to change) CSAH 8 Replace Bridge 7063 Porter Creek 1.2 Miles East of MN Highway 13  Apr 2018
PWCP1511 (subject to change) SAP 070-615-015 (subject to change) CH 15 Bridge Replacement to 3 Box Culverts .5 Mi. North of CSAH 2 (Sand Creek)  Apr 2019
PWCP2134 (subject to change) CP 21-34 (subject to change) CSAH 21 Pavement Rehabilitation CH 21 btwn Lakeside Ave SE &...  Apr 2018
PWCP4603 (subject to change) CP 46-03 (subject to change) CSAH 46 and CSAH 86 Roundabout Intersection of CSAH 46 & CSAH 86  Mar 2018
PWCPT16906 (subject to change) CPT169-06 (subject to change) TH 169 & TH41/CH68 Interchange, Frontage Roads & CH14...   Jun 2018
PWCPT16906X (subject to change) PWCPT16906X (subject to change) 169-06 Crossovers   May 2018